Band of Brothers

Better Together

We are committed to doing life together.  Mighty Men of God standing in the gap for each other.  We gather outside, around the fire, at the table, (food is usually involved), and we share the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Regular men with a Great calling.  Come and join us at our next gathering and find out for yourself!

Find Out More!

If you're a man, you need a band of brothers.  Life has a way of isolating men.  Don't be isolated!  Be together with other brothers experiencing life just like you.  Through all of the ups and downs, we can walk through it all together.  Let us draw on each other's life experience, successes, failures, and spiritual insights.  Let's have some fun together, eat together, fish together, golf together, grow together, study together, pray together, move got it---------TOGETHER!!!!!